Tree Consulting

Expert Plant & Tree Consulting

Urban Tree Management’s tree care starts with a consultation. Consultations may include plans for the health and care of your trees, surveys of an existing property, or preparation for new construction or landscape design. 

Urban Tree Management supports discerning clients who understand that thriving trees and landscapes enhance our lives.

Our Process

Our consulting process will identify and address any weak points in your regular tree care. This service is best for large residential, estate, and commercial properties. We focus comprehensively on the care that may improve the aesthetics and health of your plants and then provide recommendations accordingly. 

We also provide surveys and inventories of the trees on your existing property. Often, we work closely with architects to develop safe strategies for beautiful landscape designs. It is best to consult with us early when embarking on a major construction project to be sure your trees are safely integrated into the design.

Ongoing Tree Care

Tree care is more than just a one-and-done service. Our consultations will set you up with the tools you need for the regular maintenance and care of your plants. We identify health concerns and continue to treat them until they improve. 

The goal of ongoing care is to find the perfect happy medium between healthy, safe, and aesthetically pleasing. We may suggest methods to help your trees grow, stabilize weak branch structures, or trim and prune your trees.

Highly Skilled & Tailored Tree Care

Our Portfolio

Urban Tree Management maintains beautiful, natural landscapes where trees can flourish through personalized tree consultations.