Trimming & Pruning

Naturalistic Trimming & Pruning

Trimming and pruning regularly will make your landscape thrive. The team at Urban Tree Management works with customers in the Mid-Peninsula to achieve lasting results, bettering both the health and the appearance of your trees with a naturalistic pruning approach.

Urban Tree Management supports discerning clients who understand that thriving trees and landscapes enhance our lives.

Our Trimming & Pruning Process

We start by evaluating the trees on your property and developing a plan for trimming and pruning. Pruning and trimming both encourage future growth and reduce the risk of fallen branches.   

We consider your goals for the appearance of your property and factor them into our tree care plans. However, we consider safety first and foremost, identifying branches that are in danger of breaking as a critical part of the pruning process.

The Benefits of Pruning

Pruning is first and foremost a way to promote the health of your tree. Routine pruning throughout your property is one of the best ways to remove the first signs of diseases or infestations. Pruning can also encourage healthy growth in the desired direction by thinning the tree crown’s interior, opening it up to increased airflow and sunlight.

But, pruning has many benefits beyond improving the health of the tree. It can help reduce the size of a tree that is growing too tall or wide. Plus, certain types of trimming and pruning remove branches that block views or create obstructions. If a storm damages a tree, a pruning method called crown restoration will bring the tree back to its desired appearance.

A Natural Pruning Style

Perhaps you visualize round, clean edges when you hear about tree trimming. This is not our goal. We offer a pruning style that appears natural. We aim for subtle cuts and reductions that highlight the inherent beauty of the tree.

Overpruning may permanently damage the growth potential of your trees. Inexperienced tree service professionals tend to remove more foliage and new growth than is necessary, which may require correction.

Choosing Urban Tree Management

At Urban Tree Management, we have the expertise necessary to know what your trees need. We perform each service correctly the first time, with the utmost care for your property and the well-being of your trees in the process. If you understand the importance of a thriving landscape just as much as we do, contact us to request trimming or pruning.

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