Storm Prep & Cleanup

Before & After The Storm

At Urban Tree Management, we work with clients who take pride in the natural vitality of the trees on their land. Together, we will prepare your property for the weather eventualities most common in the Bay Area. Our goal is to greatly reduce the chance of broken branches after a storm with advance preparation.

Urban Tree Management supports discerning clients who understand that thriving trees and landscapes enhance our lives.

Protection For Your Property

Storm preparation includes the removal of potentially dangerous branches. It could also involve cabling and bracing weaker trees or branches to prevent them from falling. These preventative measures ensure your safety as well as the safety of your property in the event of a major storm.

Rain, wind, and even flooding are possible in the Bay Area. Any of these occurrences can impact your trees, especially if they are not properly cared for throughout the year. Ongoing maintenance and preparation are the best ways to reduce your chance of future tree and property damage.

Caring For Your Trees After A Storm

After a storm hits, trees may require pruning to remove weak branches or even full removal, if they are now safety hazards. Pruning may also be used to return heavily damaged trees to a more natural appearance.

Urban Tree Management is committed to environmental stewardship in the Peninsula, and we achieve this through diligent and conscious work in times of crisis, as well as times of joy.

Restoration & Cleanup

It is best to work with a tree service that knows your property well to restore your landscape to its former glory. The prior knowledge gives us a baseline understanding of the state your trees were in before the storm hit.

The goal of storm cleanup is to bring your trees back to a healthy state, while also clearing any debris from the storm left on your property. For those with sizable properties, this is no easy feat, but Urban Tree Management is up to the task.

Why Choose Urban Tree Management

The protection of your property is of utmost importance. Urban Tree Management focuses on clients with expansive properties in need of land management, including residential, estate, and commercial land. 

Our team also provides honest, detailed report writing, surveys, and more. When you need the best in tree service and consultations, whether it’s before or after a storm, contact Urban Tree Management.

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Urban Tree Management maintains beautiful, natural landscapes where trees can flourish through personalized tree consultations.