Plant Healthcare

Plant Healthcare

Urban Tree Management collaborates with you to identify ways to improve and enhance the health of your plants. Ultimately, a healthy tree will look better than one planted in a crowded space or lacking the proper nutrients. The experts at Urban Tree Management have provided knowledgeable plant healthcare guidance to our clients since 1995.

Urban Tree Management supports discerning clients who understand that thriving trees and landscapes enhance our lives.

Protecting Your Plants

Working with an experienced tree care company like Urban Tree Management will give you access to soil management and preventative plant healthcare methods that protect your plants from disease. This is just one of the ways our team will safeguard your trees and improve their chances of healthy growth. 

We work with high-quality plant healthcare products and methods to bolster your plants’ immune systems, starting with the soil. Our goal is always to protect your plants from getting a disease in the first place.

Disease Treatment

Even with our preventative methods, plants are susceptible to disease, pests, and other negative environmental impacts. If an invasive disease takes hold in a region, it can quickly wipe out affected trees. Our team of experts quickly targets trees exhibiting signs of health problems so we can reduce the spread of disease.

Urban Tree Management’s Approach

At Urban Tree Management, we focus on individualized tree care for residential, estate, commercial, and government properties. We have provided tree and plant consultations in Woodside and throughout the Mid-Peninsula for nearly 30 years and, as such, have become environmental stewards in the community.

Only tree care experts and arborists with years of training and education can properly apply the scientific knowledge necessary to make informed health recommendations for your trees. That’s why it’s important to work with a tree care company like Urban Tree Management with a reputation for informed service and a record of collaboration. 

Highly Skilled & Tailored Tree Care

Our Portfolio

Urban Tree Management maintains beautiful, natural landscapes where trees can flourish through personalized tree consultations.