Fire Prevention

Preparing For Wildfires

As members of the South Bay community since 1995, Urban Tree Management takes the protection of our local environment seriously. We work in conjunction with architecture and landscape architecture firms to design and maintain gorgeous natural spaces, ones that we would like to see safeguarded from destruction by wildfires. 

Urban Tree Management supports discerning clients who understand that thriving trees and landscapes enhance our lives.

Proven Fire Prevention Practices

To protect your property from fire, the most important step is to remove brush, dead branches, or other potential fuels. Our expertise lies in expansive properties, which may require annual maintenance ahead of California’s wildfire season to ensure a safe summer and fall.

We offer state-of-the-art tree care to combat modern-day problems, like wildfires. This is a critical service for most of our clients, who live in fire-prone regions. Certain fire prevention practices, like defensible space creation, are legal requirements in the Bay Area.

Defensible Space Creation

Defensible space refers to the area kept clear of trees, brush, and other potential fuels directly around a building. This prevents the fire from spreading to the building and restricts its path.

Whether you own a home or a commercial building, it is important to work with a professional to understand the recommended guidelines for creating defensible space. Typically, the defensible space buffer should extend 100 feet, but there are stricter requirements for the space closest to the building in question.

Urban Tree Management’s Stewardship

We collaborate with partners and clients who understand the importance of trees in our natural and built environments. Fire prevention and defensible space creation are not just critical in the protection of your property, but also the general preservation of the local environment. It may take decades for a local ecosystem to recover after a major fire, and any steps we can take to prevent widespread damage in advance are worthwhile.
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