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We keep your trees healthy and landscapes vibrant with comprehensive services, including tree consultations, health assessments, pruning, tree removal, fire prevention, and storm prep. Our expert team and extensive local knowledge ensure your trees thrive, enhancing your property’s beauty and safety year-round.

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Nestled in the heart of San Mateo County, Atherton’s trees contribute immensely to its scenic beauty and serene atmosphere. Trees are a crucial part of the beautiful landscape in Atherton and throughout San Mateo County, providing shade for morning walks and flourishing in backyard gardens, and their health directly impacts the aesthetics and safety of your property.

At Urban Tree Management, we’re committed to protecting and caring for the vital role that trees play in enhancing your living environment. As the leading provider of tree care services in Atherton, CA, we offer comprehensive and personalized tree care solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. With decades of experience, we combine our local expertise with a passion for preserving the natural beauty of your landscape, ensuring your trees remain healthy and vibrant year-round.

The Importance of Tree Removal in CA

While trees provide shade, beauty, and habitats for wildlife, there are times when their removal is necessary to protect people and property.

In California, especially in areas like Atherton with its historical estates and valuable properties, removing dead or damaged trees is crucial. These trees pose significant risks, particularly during storms or high winds, as dead or weakened branches can break and cause severe damage to homes, vehicles, and individuals. Additionally, diseased trees can spread infections to nearby healthy trees, jeopardizing the overall health of your landscape.

Urban Tree Management understands these challenges and offers expert tree removal services to help mitigate these risks. Here’s why tree removal is so important and how we make the process efficient and safe:

  • Safety and Prevention: Dead or damaged trees are unpredictable and can fall without warning. Proactively removing these trees helps prevent potential accidents and damage, which is crucial in high-wind areas and during storm seasons.
  • Health of Your Landscape: Diseased trees can infect other trees and plants. Removing them prevents disease spread, keeping your remaining vegetation healthy. Common diseases like Sudden Oak Death and Anthracnose are prevalent in California and can devastate oak populations if not managed promptly.
  • Protection of Property: In Atherton, where property values are high, protecting your investment is paramount. A fallen tree can cause extensive damage to structures, driveways, and landscape features. Tree removal services ensure that your property remains safe and intact, avoiding costly repairs and potential insurance claims.

Urban Tree Management's Approach

Our team of certified arborists conducts thorough assessments to determine the best course of action, minimizing disruption to your property and preserving its beauty.

We handle all aspects of the removal process, including:

  • Assessment and Planning: We start with a comprehensive evaluation of the tree’s condition and potential hazards.
  • Safe Removal Techniques: Using precision tools and machinery, we remove trees without causing damage to surrounding areas.
  • Clean-Up and Disposal: After removal, we make sure that your property is left clean and free of debris, handling all disposal in an environmentally responsible manner.

Fire Prevention Measures

Given the high risk of fire damage to the communities and landscapes of California, Urban Tree Management is proud to provide specialized fire protection services designed to reduce fire hazards.

These services include:

  • Creating Defensible Space: By strategically clearing vegetation around homes and structures, we create defensible spaces that slow the spread of fire and provide a buffer zone for firefighting efforts.
  • Pruning and Removal: Removing dead or overgrown branches and trees that are too close to structures helps to reduce fuel for fires. This is particularly important in areas with a high density of heritage trees.
  • Vegetation Management: Managing the health and density of vegetation to ensure it is less likely to ignite and spread fire. This includes the removal of flammable plants and the maintenance of healthier, more fire-resistant trees and shrubs.

Local Plants & Diseases in Atherton

Atherton is home to a variety of tree species, including heritage trees and other common species, such as:

Tree Species:

  • Heritage Trees: Includes native oak species such as Valley Oak, Coast Live Oak, and Blue Oak.
  • Common Species: California Sycamore and Western Redbud.

Local Pests:

  • Oak Moth: Defoliates oak trees, causing significant stress and damage.
  • Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer: Infests various tree species, introducing fungal pathogens that further weaken trees.
  • Aphids and Scale Insects: Affect a wide range of tree species, leading to sooty mold and other secondary infections.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tree Care in Atherton

How Does Commercial Tree Service Benefit Businesses?

Commercial tree service involves providing tree care solutions for businesses and public spaces. This includes regular maintenance, tree health assessments, and emergency services, all of which are there to ensure the safety and aesthetic appeal of your commercial properties.

What Are the Steps in Tree Planting & Transplanting?

Tree planting and transplanting involve selecting the right tree species for your landscape and ensuring they are planted or relocated correctly. This service is essential for maintaining the ecological balance and aesthetic appeal of your property.

How Can Cabling & Bracing Support My Trees?

Cabling and bracing are techniques used to support structurally weak trees. By installing cables and braces, we reinforce tree structure, reducing the risk of breakage and extending the tree’s overall lifespan.

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